Why Do My French Fries Turn Out Soggy?

Are you curious why your french fries turn out soggy? Don’t get discouraged by this because you can surely fix this problem. We all have been there, especially those who don’t know much kitchen stuff.

The reason why your french fries might turn out soggy is that perhaps you soaked the french fries into the water and after a while, you put the fries into the frying fan. The french fries turn out crispy and tight when they’re properly dried out before frying. So try drying out the fries the next time you fry them.

Once in a while, we want to cook or fry or bake something at home. Let’s admit that if that kitchen experiment doesn’t go as expected, it’s a bit demoralizing.

If you’re excited to know why your potato chips or french fries (whatever you call them) turn out soggy, then keep reading.

I’m about to share two methods that might solve this problem forever. Since most of us aren’t experts at cooking, baking, and frying, so it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of research. I have had this problem until I dug deeper into this and found out what I was doing wrong.

Without any further ado, let’s get right int to.

How to Keep Your French Fries from Turning Soggy

Here are two ways to avoid turning your french fries soggy and tasteless:

1. Refrying Fries Method

Everyone has different techniques and recipes to follow, but we’ve heard a common technique that most people follow and that’s the refrying method. Let me explain how it works:

It starts with a quick 5 to 10 minutes soaking french fries in the water and then removing the water from the pan.

Let the fries dry out for a few hours until it becomes a little harder and dried. The next up is to give a quick fry for a couple of minutes in a hot frying pan. Then, let the fries sit until you get an order at a restaurant or the guest arrives at home.

Don’t worry about how long you should keep the fries after the first quick fry. The longer the french fries sit, the tighter it gets.

Once you’re ready to fry the french fries, just put them back into the frying pan for the second time for about 5 to 10 minutes, and you’ll get crispier french fries.

Try it out and let us know how it works out for you.

2. Using Refined Wheat Flour

One of the ways to make your french fries crispier is to soak the french fries for 15 minutes in the water, and then remove the water.

Once they start to dry out, sprinkle a little bit of refined wheat flour into the bowl of french fries and mix it up.

Keep the coating so thin that it shouldn’t create a layer while frying the french fries.

It’s quite faster but less effective. However, if you’re good at this, you might be able to pull this off.

If you’re okay with a little bit of wheat flour layer on the fries, you’re good to go even if there is a little bit of coating on the fries.

Some people like simple, plain french fries – they don’t want any sort of layer on the french fries. If you’re one of those, then you better go with refrying fries method.

How Do You Like Your French Fries?

Everyone has their own choice; some like tight and dry french fries, while others are okay with soggy and tender french fries.

Let us know how you make your french fries or what type of fries you order from the restaurant takeaway.

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