Why is My Boiled Rice so Sticky?

Have you ever wondered why your boiled rice is so sticky? I’ve boiled rice several times, and I also encountered the same problem. Then, I dug deeper into this, meaning I asked around and googled this problem, and finally figured out the problem.

It’s frustrating when you cook something and it doesn’t taste as good as you were expecting. If you boil rice and it gets sticky, it means you haven’t properly soaked the rice into the water. Just rinsing the rice for a minute while giving a wash won’t cut it.

When I started cooking and baking, I made tons of mistakes in the kitchen. I don’t say I’m perfect after a couple of years, but I have started figuring out the basic stuff.

So if you ever encounter a sticky boiled rice problem, then you should know that it has something to do with soaking the rice.

Although, some may think it’s about the balance between the quantity of water and oil, which could be a factor in the stickiness of the rice.

However, you must also know what rice contains that brings stickiness in the first place.

Let’s dive deep into this and try to understand the problem.

How to Keep Boiled Rice from Being Sticky

You may have heard that rice is a perfect diet as it contains several essential vitamins and nutrients that help the body. Well, rice is a great source of calcium, iron, carbohydrates, pantothenic acid, folate, and vitamin E.

However, I came across a fact that a single cup of white rice contains almost 44 g of starch. When we soak and rinse the rice before boiling or cooking, it usually reduces the amount of starch from the rice.

Therefore, to significantly remove the stickiness of the rice, you need to put the rice in a bowl of water for a good 15 minutes or so before boiling.

I’ve tested this strategy of putting the rice in the cold water bowl for 15 minutes before boiling them in the hot water. I managed to remove the rice stickiness after the boil.

Benefits of Eating Rice

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding rice to your diet plan:

  1. Rice significantly helps people gain weight. If you have been to the gym for building muscles, you would have heard that rice is essential for building muscles.
  2. It’s been learned that brown rice protects against chronic disease.
  3. White rice is a fantastic source of energy as it contains calcium, iron, carbohydrates, and vitamin E.
  4. Rice is relatively easier to digest than wheat and other food items.
  5. Rice is a gluten-free grain. If you haven’t studied about gluten before, then you should know that it’s a protein found in several grains, but it doesn’t provide any essential nutrients.

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